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f you are looking for a free trial of SPSS Amos, please visit the SPSS Amos product page. Complete documentation for IBM SPSS AMOS 29.0
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ibm spss amos 29 is an easy-to-use structural equation modeling (SEM) program that examines relationships between observed and latent (unobserved) variables to quickly test hypotheses and confirm relationships.

If you are looking for a free trial of SPSS Amos, please visit the SPSS Amos product page. Complete documentation for IBM SPSS AMOS 29.0 is available on the Amos 29 documentation site.

ibm spss amos 29 Release Notes

To download the product, go to IBM Passport Advantage Online (PAO) and follow the prompts. Please note that you must be an authorized user to login. If you are not an authorized user, please follow the instructions in “PAO Access Request”.
Once you have signed in to PAO and agree to the terms and conditions, go to the Software Downloads & Media Access tab.

Select a product using one of the following options:

Search by product name text string (for example, “SPSS”)
Search by part number if you know the eAssembly part number (from your order, eAssembly part numbers usually start with the letter ‘C’)

Browse titled products by category:
All Products – displays a list of all your entitlements
My Featured Products – Shows your previously selected products as your preferred products
Products by Brand: Select “Analytics – Platform” for SPSS products

Required and optional parts are listed for each product. Use the plus icon to expand the files in your selected download, or you can download each licensed eAssembly. Each eAssembly contains all required and optional downloads required for a given product and platform combination.

Key features of ibm spss amos 29 include:

  1. Path Analysis: Amos allows you to specify and test direct and indirect relationships between variables using path diagrams. This is particularly useful for testing hypothesized causal relationships.
  2. Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA): You can use Amos to assess the validity of measurement scales by testing how well-observed variables (indicators) correspond to latent constructs (factors).
  3. Structural Equation Modeling (SEM): Amos supports full structural equation models where you can specify relationships between latent variables and observed variables, as well as indirect effects and mediation.
  4. Model Fit Assessment: Amos provides various fit indices to help you assess how well your model fits the data. Common fit indices include chi-square, Comparative Fit Index (CFI), Tucker-Lewis Index (TLI), Root Mean Square Error of Approximation (RMSEA), and more.
  5. Graphical Interface: Amos offers a user-friendly graphical interface where you can create, modify, and estimate models using a drag-and-drop approach.
  6. Syntax and Programming: In addition to the graphical interface, Amos allows you to use syntax commands for more advanced and automated model specification and estimation.
  7. Output and Reporting: The software generates output reports that include information about parameter estimates, fit indices, and more. These reports can be customized and exported for presentations and publications.
  8. Multiple Group Analysis: Amos supports testing whether your structural model is consistent across different subgroups of your data, allowing for more robust model testing.

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