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SPSS 19 is a professional commercial-grade software suite for the statistical analysis of data. Originally designed for social science research, over the years the suite has grown to become one of the most recognized analytical tools in the higher education, business, and scientific worlds.

This suite can handle almost any statistical analysis you perform: from simple descriptive statistics, such as mean, median, and deviation, to complex studies of variance and covariance, such as ANOVA, and ANCOVA. Correlation and regression models and many others can also be tested on your data set.

This suite also helps you to ensure that the collected data is entered correctly and all variables are defined correctly. There is an extensive help file in the program to help you choose the best scale for your variables. There are also tests available to check for anomalies in your test results to exclude data that is clearly incorrect.

This program is great for evaluating and analyzing any available data. For example, a business may wish to evaluate the effectiveness of its marketing campaign using collected survey data. SPSS already provides a special plugin to do just that. Or a business may want to find a correlation between the price of its service and the growth of its customer base. The possibilities here are endless.

This program works well. However, a word of caution should be addressed to those interpreting the results. The only error that this program may generate is human error (wrong conclusions about the data), therefore only experienced professionals are allowed to interpret the results of tests made in SPSS

SPSS 19 free downloads


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