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 SPSS is the abbreviation for Statistical Package for Social Sciences and is used by researchers to perform statistical analyzes. As the name suggests, SPSS statistics software is only used for performing statistical operations.

Statistics Solutions professionals are experts in SPSS software and statistical operations. If you are a graduate student or researcher, Statistics Solutions can help you in the following areas:

  • Understand the capabilities of SPSS software
  • Cleaning, coding, and data entry in SPSS
  • Choose the right statistical test to run
  • Interpreting the SPSS output
  • Statistical analysis of SPSS data output


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 Spss Software

SPSS software is used for quantitative analysis and is used as a comprehensive statistical package based on a point-and-click interface. This software has been used extensively by researchers for quantitative analysis since it was developed by Norman H. Nie in the 1960s in collaboration with C. Hadlai Hull and Dale Bent.

SPSS software can read and write data from other statistical packages, databases, and spreadsheets. When entering data into the software, click on “variable view”. The variable view allows the user to customize it by data type and consists of the following headings: Name, Type, Width, Decimals, Label, Values, Missing, Columns, Align, and Measures. These headers allow the user to characterize the data.

SPSS is most often used in social science fields like psychology, where statistical techniques are involved on a large scale. In the field of psychology, techniques such as crosstab, t-test, chi-square test, etc., are available in the “analyze” menu of the software.

There is also an option in the software called “Split File”, which is provided in the “Data” menu. This option is very useful for researchers conducting comparative studies. Suppose the researchers want to know the literacy rate for three regions. In this case, the split file option will help you get the result for three distinct regions so that you can interpret and compare the literacy rate of the three regions.

SPSS software uses a technique called missing value analysis, and this technique helps you make better decisions about your data. This technique allows the user to fill in the missing blanks to create better models for estimating the data. The analysis provides the user with procedures for managing and preparing data.

SPSS involves sophisticated multivariate and inferential statistical procedures such as factor analysis, discriminant analysis, analysis of variance, etc. SPSS, as the name suggests, is software for performing statistical procedures in the social sciences. The main limitation of SPSS is that it cannot be used to analyze a very large data set. A researcher often obtains a large dataset in the field of medicine and nursing, so in these fields, the researcher usually uses SAS instead of SPSS to analyze clinical data.