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IBM spss version 20 Statistics is a popular statistical analysis package used worldwide. this software can be used in many different fields. Spss offers state-of-the-art data management tools and a variety of utilities that evaluate large data sets, detect trends in data, and then make accurate predictions.

a collection of utilities designed for statistical programmers and analysts. These experts know the tools and methods of statistical research to make the right decisions. The standard edition offers graphical and statistical capabilities that any user can understand.

This package has a data editor, similar to a regular spreadsheet. It allows you to manually enter data or import databases from Database, Lotus, Text Files, Excel, or Cognos BI. This application contains data management tools that allow you to validate data, compare data, identify duplicates, integrate files, file restrictions, variable classification, and file distribution. In addition, it contains many other statistical analytics. You can use this application to calculate ratios, frequencies, graph generation, ANOVA tests, T-tests, linear model processing, general model processing, regression estimates, curve estimates, data classification, and more.

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Trend forecasting is allowed. It enables you to enable optical analysis, develop new models, and perform quality control, data simulation, and ROC curve analysis. As expected, there is a variable editor and several chart templates. Includes an output window for data visualization purposes. There is even a script editor to automate tasks. Finally, IBM SPSS Statistics meets the needs of expert analysts and researchers. Because it has the support of professional statistical methods, users can make predictions and predict maximum health trends.

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